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eternal sunshine and cheeks red from laughing

the thing i did the other day is a great time waster and i really liked doing it, so please give me more subjects to rant/rave about here. c'mon kids!

last night was really great, but it didn't start out so. i had made plans with my friend jason to see eternal sunshine of the spotless mind at piper's alley. i have never been there, so while i was talking to him on the phone i cut and pasted the address from into WELL, i cut and pasted the wrong address, so i wound up at 3 penny cinema. OOPS! i jumped back in my car and called adam whoisadam who is, without a doubt, the best navigator in the entire city of chicago. he got me there, but i was 30 minutes late, which is unacceptable even in leigh time! according to the guy i picked up the ticket jason had left for me, this showing was sold out. i walked into the theatre and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. i looked for jason, but couldn't find him anywhere, so i stood for the rest of the film.

even missing 30 minutes of ESOTSM, it was still definitely the best film i have seen in ages. i was so afraid i was going to be let down, because honestly, that's what usually happens with any film that has any sort of buzz. i really didn't like adaptation, but this looked like a completely new idea. it was vibrant. even my brother liked it for god's sake. it very much reminded me of my most favorite haruki murakami story, on seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful april morning, which you can find: here. honestly, if you have not read that story then STOP reading yr friends list and just take a few minutes to read it. it makes me cry.

after that i went to my very first improv show with paul at the improv olympic to see my friend jon's group manimal 79. it was absolutely incredible. i can definitely forsee myself going to these on a regular basis. MAN! it was just so fun! i've actually never been to a live comedy show before of any sort. the closest thing i ever went to was a slam poetry reading, but that's not really close at all. just watching the excitement of both the audience and the performers was incredible! it was not unlike going to a radiohead show where everyone is glowing and smiling toothy smiles. i checked to make sure that paul was having a good time and he was red from laughing so much. ooh, ooh! leigh's got a new interest! IMPROVISATIONAL COMEDY!

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