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tell me tell me tell me you'll miss miss miss me
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Sun, Mar. 21st, 2004 01:24 pm
the most random post ever

i saw this on stephen_cramer's journal and decided to try it out. i think i might have done it in the past, but i can't really remember if anyone replied. you fill in the blanks:

Dear Leigh,

You are _______. We need to ________. I like when you ________. You need to do something about _________. My favorite thing about you is ________. The best thing we've done together was ________. I want you to ________. You make me _______. I hope that ________.



so, last night ginny treefort called me back and asked what i was doing. i told her i was planning on going to steve damienone's 80's party, but that i had nothing to wear. then i mentioned that tammy had told me i should go see them (dressy bessy) in mke tonight. ginny asked me if i wanted to go, since she missed the show last night and i was like "FUCK YEAH!". one quick phone call to tammy at the onopa brewery and poof! we were on the guestlist, so ginny picked me up and we made out trek to milwaukee. it was awesome! we got a little lost, so i called brandy who was up there visiting home this week and she was like "OMG! i'll meet you up there," so it was rad. i met a couple of her friends and one of them knew miss stephanie! the show was rad. i really liked being up close for starlight mints, since i was so far away the night before. that was alright though since i had good conversation with a cute boy.

random: everyone likes my red cap! tammy, who owns more clothing than anyone in the known universe, complimented me on it. it's nuts. i've received more compliments on it than any other piece of clothing i own combined. also, i get a lot of questions about the little metal spoon pin that i got a month and a half ago.

in other news, on friday night before dressy bessy @ the abbey, this record (manual - ascend) inspired me to write lyrics for another song for another of jason audio_on_canvas's songs, so i've got it all together, but he has been away so i can't send it to him! w the f?

aww, this is totally unrelated but my bro, in his own way, totally threw me a compliment out of left field...

"madflowr: well, they still haven't called me back (the record store)
steve21: oh, they will, well I gotta run, Im going to see The Passion. Go see Eternal Sunshine too. Its awesome"

oh man, i've got to get ready, since i actually have plans to see 'eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' in an hour and a half and i haven't even eaten breakfast yet or switched into clothes for going outside in. oops! i did eat a cadbury creme egg tho. *salivates*

Current Mood: crazy
Current Music: on loop for 2 hours so far: manual - ascend


Sun, Mar. 21st, 2004 03:30 pm (UTC)

Dear Leigh,

You are a friend of a friend (Nat). We need to meet. I like when you post. You need to do something about answering Nat's plea for advice in her journal. My favorite thing about you is that you're crazy in love with music. I hope that you enjoy my comment.


Sun, Mar. 21st, 2004 06:11 pm (UTC)

Dear Leigh,

You are wearing pants. We need to see each other. I like when you do it right thurr. You need to do something about your multiple crushes, like never referring to them by name but rather just "beard boy" as opposed to "brian" ("beard boy" is much more memorable). My favorite thing about you is your ability to find a band no one has ever heard of & have them be great. The best thing we've done together was probably listed in that really long post i made when you moved, but i think dancing on a stage in new york to jimmy eat world whilst drunk & later launching tootsie roll pops across an expensive apartment was pretty funny. I want you to allow me to sleep on the couch when i come to visit. You make me laugh in a happy way. I hope that you are eating the cadbury eggs with caramel, 'cause they're one mizillion times better than the creme eggs.


this flour makes that cake
Tue, Apr. 20th, 2004 07:15 am (UTC)

i saw your post regarding wednesdays @ smartbar.
thought i ought to say hello since i've been to every one for the past few months.

and yes, i shall return once again after the cursive show. my friend kerry is "cohosting" with pogo...whatever that REALLY means.
i've tried and tried to enroll people to go, and have been pretty unsucessful.

anyhow, if you see me, say hello! i'm hope, and i'm usually 1 of no more than 2 platinum blondes in the room. (i have a droid who shadows me. i have yet to destroy her.)

she speaks in song lyrics
Tue, Apr. 20th, 2004 10:50 am (UTC)
Re: panic

hello hope.

i'm leigh. i'll be there tomorrow night. i usually go, but these past few weeks i don't know what happened. i'm trying to get the buzz going. i've been a supporter since the very beginning when it was in dc. i followed pogo here actually, just because he took my favorite dance night away. okay, well there were other reasons, but that was definitely one of them. i just don't get why the life during wartime parties are always packed, yet panic is still trying to pull a crowd in. i've probably seen you there. i'm usually dancing until my feet fall off. anyways, i'll say hi. ;)

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this flour makes that cake
Tue, Apr. 20th, 2004 11:13 am (UTC)
Re: panic

i think if word got out to the right people, the masses would come, and im not sure that's what i'd really want to have happen.
but it would be nice if we could maybe triple the usual attendance numbers.

see you tommoz.

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