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on female writers

when i find something i love, i tend to share it with the world or at least try to by letting them know about it. stephanie let me borrow love is the drug a few weeks ago and i started reading it a couple of days ago and i'm on the home stretch. let me tell you: it might be my favorite novel since the perks of being a wallflower. okay, wait, or since to be someone by louise voss, which was also wonderful. it's funny how i embrace so few female singer/songwriters and yet i can't get enough female authors these days. i think i'll end up finishing LITD tonight, since i stupidly took a nearly 4 hour nap from 6:30 - 10:15 and i am quite wired after having an orange cream soda with dinner at 10:30.

if you are curious, here's a lil' piece that sarahbeth purcell wrote about how writing is more punk rock than music is: see. her blog is also a really good read. it's on her website.

speaking of female authors, tonight i watched Sylvia and let me tell you, it was the pits. okay, well, the direction and the score were wonderful, but gwyneth was completely wretched. she overacted in every single scene. now...i know that sylvia plath was dramatic woman, but gwyneth's performance was akin to a days of our lives star. the opening to the film (gwyneth reading the opening lines of 'lady lazarus') made me cringe and that feeling stayed with me the entire film. i also hate that they made the entire film about her relationship with ted and that they didn't even touch upon her upbringing, which i always found extremely fascinating. yeah, i was a big sylvia plath fan in high school, but really what girl who is now a nerdy indie rocker wasn't?

off to finish LITD. i suggest you look into acquring a copy.

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