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"i know you think that i'm gay...but i just play the part..."

today was the absolute perfect day to be listening to the salteens - short-term memories on the way too work. i hadn't played that puppy for a few months and phew! it just rules! it's such a spring/summer time album. GAH! go fall in love with the salteens now.

i have a routine that i used to follow more than i do now [since i started using a cd wallet to tote my cds]. every morning before work i'd pick four cds off the shelf [2 old faves + 2 i haven't really listened to all that much]. then i get to listen to them in zee car. that is my absolute favourite way to listen to music. i used to think it was on headphones, but then i realised that no. i don't just want music in my ears. i want it all over. mm!

this morning i brought: the salteens - short-term memories, mogwai-ten rapid, juicy-for the ladies, and i can't remember the fourth cd. anyways, on the way home i put in the juicy cd and i realised lilotchka of (the pocket rockets) has a voice that reminds me of juicy's lead singer. i could never quite pin it down who it was that she sounded like, but now i know! mm juicy! long time no listen too. it was a treat.

last night was a treat as well. douggie douglas hooked a sista up and i got to see her space holiday/bob mould + zero 7! the first show was like being in an indie version of the twilight zone. douglas said it best when he compared it to a college radio station 10 year reunion. i was *definitely* one of the youngest people there. there were lots of shiny bald heads and shiny spots on somewhat haired heads. and people are REALLY into bob mould. i got there late and missed most of her space holiday's set. :( but what i did see was good. tho seeing it in a huge space as opposed to the more intimate show at the black cat [opening for pinback] was wierd. they're just not the type of band i like seeing at a large venue. the two of them are crazy cute tho. sigh.

bob mould. what can i say about bob mould? i don't get it. everyone was super into the show. i felt kind of trapped actually. at one point i felt really really claustrophobic cos jen was bouncing up and down to the musack [oh yea it was a seated show - also whack] and our chairs were touching. i could feel the vibrations and i started feeling really sick really quickly. at the end of the song i asked her to move her chair over a little. phew! for most of the show, i watched the faces of people around me. i felt like an alien. eran and jen were just *so* into it. don't get me wrong. i can appreciate what bob mould has done for music [and the fact that loud bomb is an anagram of his name], but i don't have to like the music he makes. anyhow, the visuals were entertaining and i didn't mind being there so much [altho he played 3 encores], but i was glad when it was over.

later jen + i were walking to pizza napoli and i told her that there was one song i actually liked a good bit, but that was because it sounded like a promise ring song [and i know it's the other way around - that TPR sound like husker du, but TPR do it for me while bob mould does not]. i can't describe why i think something is not good or why something sucks. sometimes things just do. everyone is entitled to their opinion, except when they're wrong! hee!

anyway - > highlight of the night was zero 7. it was definitely better than i had thought it would have been. it was very chill and people were groovin'. everyone who was part of a couple was grinding during their set. i kid you not. wow. there were so many ppl getting their freak on at the 9:30 club. i'd never seen anything like that before there. geepers! zero 7 are the sort of band that one would get it on to. lifestyles condoms apparently realised this and became the sponsor of zero 7's tour. yes. really. their promotions team was outside handing out zero 7 condoms. the only other band i can remember having promotional condoms was china drum [and they're not really music for getting it on to].

anyhow, last night was fun and i am still sick because i never get enough rest and i look like a zombie. tonight i missed both piebald @ 9:30 club and carlsonics @ grog & tankard. could my life be any sadder? yes i'm sure it could, because it has been in the past. right now i actually have to look forward to for the rest of april:

[ ] saturday 20 - brmc/spiritualized @ 9:30 club
[ ] sunday 21 - beulah/mazarin @ ottobar
[ ] monday 22 - pocket rockets/villa rosie @ galaxy hut
[ ] friday 26 - super furry animals/cex @ ottobar

aww yea! and MAY brings such wonderful things as owen arriving from london to see muthafuckin' belle & sebastian with me + lalalaini, very possibly a trip to athens with christina [to see maserati, masters of the hemisphere, + members of yume bitsu], AND bright eyes is at the end of may! yea. i should try not to be sad so much. but it all comes in waves.

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