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a wolf colonel weekend

seeing jason anderson/little headhunter/(and a 3rd one man band i can't remember) on saturday night at mark's in dekalb was the most wonderful show i have seen in at least a year. everyone in the attic was purely aglow. jason played a great deal from new england and a few from something/everything! including 'jet ski accidents', which was just amazing and alone made the drive completely worth it. jason enticed absolutely every single person in the audience to actually SING during his sing-a-long bits. these bits included tlc's 'scrubs' and whitney houston's 'i wanna dance with somebody'. i have said this before and i will say it again, GO SEE JASON ANDERSON IF HE IS PLAYING ANYWHERE EVEN REMOTELY NEAR YOU. tour dates are listed on the k recs site and on his site.

after seeing jason in such an intimate space with such awesome company (see new friends: len, ryan, and joe), it was a wee let down to see him at the empty bottle last night. now, don't get me wrong! it was still AWESOME and people actually sang along there too, but it just didn't feel as fantastic as the night before and he didn't play 'jet ski accidents'. i did take a photobooth picture where jason and did some thugged out poses. i'll be scanning that later. ginny and i missed going out to the chicago diner with jason and his friends because he had my old cell number. he told me that a gruff old man picked up the phone and he thought i was playing a joke on him! mwahahah! ginny and i went to the chicago diner for dinner anyways, so it was sort of funny we both went there. c'est la vie. the seitan stroganoff was AWESOME!

okay, so not only was this past Thursday --> Sunday one of my favorite ever couple of days in a row, but i just checked hardwood records dot com to read this:

"Elk-Lake Serenade" is the title of the newly finished HAYDEN recording! It will see North American release on May 11th, 2004 and UK/Europe will get it May 24th.

in case you didn't know, my birthday is may 10th! this means i get a brand new hayden recording for my 25th bday! anyhow, i think that's pretty thrilling!

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