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"you only see the things you convinced yourself you saw"

liz girlvii asked me if there was anything i wanted while she was in the uk and because i was thinking about things i was still avidly searching for, i found out that city slang is putting out a new sophia album. WTF!? i've tried to find the other sophia albums for YEARS and then poof, here's a new one that i MIGHT be able to get my hands on. anyways, here's a song off of it: sophia - oh my love. seriously, it's pretty and i'd say they're for fans of american analog set/hood-like stuff. PLUS, they are touring. too bad i don't live in EUROPE!

coughcough, bene:
16.03.04 Bergen »Garage« / N
18.03.04 Oslo »John Dee« / N

i just emailed their booking agent actually to see if they are planning a us tour. no need to tell me i'm a nerd.
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