she speaks in song lyrics (madflowr) wrote,
she speaks in song lyrics

going blank again


"You are invited to rock out with us on Saturday:

Saturday, May 25
Metro Cafe

GOING BLANK AGAIN: An Evening of Contemporary White Noise

The first in a series of local shows featuring shoegaze, drone, dreampop, and noise rock. Episode One includes static from:

Alcian blue

. . . plus madflowr (Rock Candy/Make-Out Party) and DJ Sonic(Now!/Landspeeder) spinning before, between, and after the sets.

Stereocrash = Otherworldly soundscape ballads and textured blissed-out guitar experimentations.

Landspeeder = Sonic Drone Pop. Melodic, catchy dreampop sometimes immersed in hazy shoegazer dissonance, influenced by Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Pale Saints, Teenage Fanclub, et al.

Alcian Blue = Meshing hard pounding rhythms and atmospheric guitars to create space rock anthems and roaring noise. It's the music of Pet Sounds orchestrated by F-15 Engines.

Skywave = Taking rock and roll and pushing it to it's limits, Skywave takes influences from the shoegaze era and turns it up a few notches creating super intense walls of sound.

Camera: Ex-LowSunday members further explore dark textures and complex song structures with total pop sensability.

Please come early!!!"

yea, so i'm djing this saturday. that's all.
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