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* if yr gonna spew, spew into this *

i just got back from seeing 'van wilder' with dan. oh my god. it is everything in the world that is unholy. and geez it was funny. i feel so stupid for enjoying movies like this, but gah...sometimes you just need a stupid movie. sometimes it crossed over the line by a MILE. i almost threw up at one point. almost. i came really close. i had to cover my eyes. i think anyone who has seen this movie knows exactly what part i am referring to. oh geezus.

moving on to less vomitous subjects: i checked my account balance and realised that i wrote a check to my dad for car insurance for $90.00 and it hasn't cleared yet, but will any day now. how much do i have in my checking account? $87.25. yea...shit. HOWEVER it's a race against time because i dropped a deposit in the mail [yea my bank is in texas] on saturday. so basically it's a matter of which check goes through first. i am keeping my fingers crossed. i don't want any bank fees.

btw dan is my own personal jesus because he told me he has a friend who he THINKS can salvage the data on my old cpu! dan told his friend paul the problem and paul says something like "oh that's no problem. you just open up the hard drive and re-align the arm". or something like that. anyways, he took my cpu home with him so he can give it to paul to check out! here's hoping that something is salvageable! i do a lot of hoping and rarely does anything happen that causes me to think "wow. all that hoping paid off." i keep doing it tho. i'm like dat.

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