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"and everything i say to you will probably come out wrong anyway..."

"sitting at a bus stop
trying to take my shoes off
but my laces are all knots and you
looking for an answer to an old question
so easy I can't explain it
and everything I say to you will probably
come out wrong anyway..."

-concrete seconds (pinback)

i am so sick of dc. i used to marvel at its' wonders, but the whole scene has really truly brought me down. i hate people who are fake. i realise there are occasions when one has to be nice to someone they don't like for a friend, but i am over it. so over it.

i only want to hang out with the people i like. and i want to meet more people i like. i think i'm very easy to get along with. however, after being screwed over one too many times i'm through with it. i am not letting myself get suckered into things i don't want to do.

i wish i was not feeling so sick tonight. i would have stayed for all of brian jonestown massacre's set, which was really good, but i couldn't take anymore of the fake bullshit that i tried *so* hard to avoid in high school and now it's back - haunting me. i want to be rid of these ghosts.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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