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"and you're spinning like a 45, ballerina, dancing to your rock and roll..."

"and you're shining like the brightest star
a transmission on the midnight radio
and you're spinning like a 45,
ballerina; dancing to your rock and roll."

-midnight radio (hedwig and the angry inch)

i am packing boxes. i am tired. i am taking a break. i really want to work on jeremiah's 3rd mixtape, but i've got to finish packing + moving the stuff over to the new house tonight. i get distracted very easily. i am listening to the hedwig and the angry inch soundtrack. i am pretty much in love, or you could say obsessed, with all that is hedwig. i never saw it on the stage, which is totally not fair.

i woke up this morning and got to work bringing all of my clothes over to the new house. then the shoes. then i took a break. then i pulled things out from underneath my bed and out from under the dresser. i put all my cds in order again. since the last time i'd updated my cds, i'd acquired 27 cds. how is that even possible? i have no idea. i *did* just find my that dog - totally crushed out cd inside an underground lovers cd. it had been MIA since the first ROCKcandy. phew! ps. the next ROCKcandy is on 18 january @ Dr. Dremo's. more info is at this --> website.

the first three ROCKcandys went very well! please come out to show your support for DC's indie dance nights by coming! i am going to finish packing things into boxes now. then i'm going to watch hedwig if i have time.

and i totally need to give a shout out to timothy christopher who very surprisingly donated to the 'get jeremiah to the right washington' fund. wowee zowee! tied with owen m. for giving the most money! indie pop boys totally rule! seriously. and i've gotta get to work with tha zine, which tenatively has a name now! so much to do! jeremiah and i talked about started a band where i'd send my contribution to him through the mail and then he'd add his part over top. i make so many plans and don't get to half of them! but this year will be different! and it starts with me finishing my plan to box up my cds for the move tomorrow! blinka!

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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