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"i can't face another night like that again..."

"be my hope and i'll be your hope.
be the hair that knots with my hair.
be the drink when i am thirsty.
be the hand i hold at night.

this is the way i want you to look in my eyes.
i can't face another night like that again..."

- if everything fell quiet (the reindeer section)

saturday was a sad day. i drove jeremiah to bwi and we said goodbye. i don't know we'll be able to see each other next. the upshot: having such a huge distance between us has made me truly cherish the time that we are together. whether we were just watching a movie or out at dinner, i felt that surge come on strong. i can feel it running through my veins. i want to make him as happy as he makes me.

i wrote a list of all the times we went out to eat while he was here and the total was 15 [14 different restaurants]. jeremiah said something silly about how while he was here he got to be around two of his favourite things: me and food. he is so completely wonderful and so retardedly far away.

speaking of retardedness: i saw the preview for 'i am sam' and i would like to say, "i am appalled." sean penn needs to start playing drug addicts and/or criminals again. enough with this madness of him trying 'different' roles. do what you're good at and keep on keeping on.

i don't know where i'm at right now. lots of unwanted sadness. i don't want to be sad no mo'. i am so happy to have found jeremiah. however, i am so sad we're so far apart. i am a tim buckley album. happy/sad. good album. the reindeer section - y'all get scared now, ya hear! is a good album too. most of it.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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