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"the world is ours finally. we have conquered it..."

"El mundo es nuestro al fin,
lo hemos conquistado

Ya nada impedira el triunfo del amor

De pie sobre un planeta que late confudido,
enfermo de dolor, al borde del clamor

El mundo es nuestro al fin,
lo hemos conquistado

Ya nada impedira el triunfo del amor"

-vini, vidi, vinci (la buena vida)

you know how you can completely love something or someone and time passes and you don't really remember what it is that makes you love them, but you still go on loving them. and then more time passes and something happens that makes you remember why you loved them in the first place and causes the roots to grow deeper. i just picked up 'hallelujah' by la buena vida and it is so sprawling and gorgeous i am in love again, two-fold.

last night i was supposed to go see the mark robinson and the pocket rockets at galaxy hut, but i don't know what happened. i got back from working at blockbuster and i just conked out. my mom knocked on my door at 10p and was like, "leigh. are you going out?" and i'm like "zzz". and i woke up and spoke with jeremiah a wee bit and then i was back to sleeping. i fell asleep with my clothes on and contacts out; thankfully, half under the covers, with the overhead light on. and laundry soaking in the washing machine that i totally just remembered now. shoot.

so. i woke up at 5:50a and started my day. which; so far; has consisted of me talking to owen m on IM and listening to something i bought for karyn for xmas and also to la buena vida. i don't know what happened, but i snapped into the realisation that ive never known just quite what la buena vida were singing about. so i babelfished [i don't know if that is a verb, but it is now] the lyrics to the song i liked the most off this album and came up with:

"The world is ours finally we have conquered it Already nothing impedira the triumph of the love Of foot on a planet that barks confudido, ill of pain, on the brink of madness outcry The world is ours. finally we have conquered it Already nothing impedira the triumph of the love"

and as engrish sounding as the translation came out, i think it's absolutely beautiful. seriously, i am amazed. siesta hasn't put anything out that i haven't heard and loved yet and honestly, i don't think that they can.

on a related note: yesterday jeremiah was gushing about puppies and kitties he saw at the adoption center yesterday with his brother + his brother's wifey and i completely got all gushy on him and he's like, "why is that cute?" and i'm like, "duh, yo. you're talking about puppies and kitties!"

i told jeremiah that i wasn't counting down anymore, but i am [secretly]. 2.5 days until he's here.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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