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"my loneliness brings me down..."

"my loneliness brings me down,
when the air is this cold, i'm allowed...
to have nights like these where i can't be found..."

-nights like these (hayden)

wow. a poem. what a surprise:

seventeen days until i feel your breath upon my neck.
kisses will once again grace my eyelids.
your strong arms will envelope me.
my fingers will trace your spine;
a soft/hard pattern up and back down.

time plays dirty tricks.
makes me think your kiss has turned cold.
i shouldn't be fooled so easily.


i don't know what's been going on with me lately. i've started a temp to hire job, which i really enjoy. it's sucking up most of my time, which is not fun. and i suppose it's good because it's making the days tick down quickly until the 26th! most of the time i'm just beaming; thinking about all the things i'll get to show jeremiah; all the places i'll take him. and i'm definitely thinking about all the kissing i'll get to do when he's here. yay for kissing! but tonight i was depressed. many reasons i suppose. just lonely being apart from jeremiah. that and the fact that i haven't done a lot of things i've been meaning to do because i haven't had the time. and when i do have the time i'm too exhausted.

today i went shopping. i got a few kids ticked off my list! one kid being my dad, which is excellent as he's usually the hardest to shop for, because he always wants war books. i've still got to finish making jeremiah's present. i'm so excited about it. i really want him to be here so i could give it to him in person, but le sigh. 17 more days. i am going to sleep. dreams of soft kisses and a bit of nibbling i hope is what the sandman gives me tonight.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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