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"and i think i may write you some time; via internet..."

"and i think i may write you some time;
via internet.
no matter what the hackers find,
they can't change what i have said..."

-maria in motion (son, ambulance)

i am completely in love and i have never felt this way before. in the past i have gushed. in the past i have pined. in the past i have felt my heart swell. but never before has it felt this intoxicating.

i am one half of a couple. i am one half of a couple that everyone looks at and envies. or says that they hate but secretly envy. i used to be the one hating/envying those happy couples. i never thought it would happen for me. sure, i've been in relationships and some of them were pretty neat. not as neat as me and jeremiah tho.

i can't believe i leave on sunday. i was pondering changing my flight to a later date, but it's thanksgiving this week and i'm sure there's a steep fee to change your ticket when it's a peak holiday time. he wants me to stay too. thanksgiving with his family. yee. i would love to, but at the same time, my parents want me home in dc. gar.

he just got back from class and i can't stop looking at him. i am off. like pajamas.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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