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"come pick me up. take me out. fuck me up. steal my records." ROCKCANDY #2 setlist

"come pick me up.
take me out.
fuck me up.
steal my records.

screw all my friends behind my back,
with a smile on your face,
then do it again..."

-come pick me up (ryan adams)

rar. i am now going to list all the songs i spun [like sugar] at ROCKcandy last night. and then gush.

ROCKcandy number t w o

++ set no. 1 ++

complicated - by divine right
curious time machine - the echo orbiter
five get over excited - the housemartins
starfighter pilot (the bad belle remix) - snow patrol
who put the bom in the bom bom diddley bom? - bentley rhythm ace
bad news - laptop
please let that be you - the rentals
wrong 'em boyo - the clash
girl from mars - ash horse pills - the dandy warhols
be my head - flaming lips
[a] touch sensitive - super furry animals
high noon - dj shadow
look away - apples in stereo
selfish - the other two & you
heart beat - tahiti 80

++ set no. 2 ++

walkaway renee - the left banke
singing softly to me - kings of convenience
birds in cages - eggstone
the crying scene - aztec camera
soma - the strokes
we're going out - spearmint
where is my mind - the pixies
something strange happens - allen clapp and his orchestra
all dressed up and shy - club 8
over - the softies
though i still want to fall into your arms - trembling blue stars
legal man - belle & sebastian
popular mechanics for lovers - beulah
?? some crazy record in a different language ??
it's hard to turn me on - quasi
please don't go girl - new kids on the block

++ closing set with mimi ++

da da da - elastica
killing moon - echo and the bunnymen
dreaming of you - sloan

well that was what i played at ROCKcandy last night. it went over well, but not as many ppl showed up as last time. t'was okay tho. a lot of friendly faces + a few new ones [3 off moc actually: amber, ben, larry]. neato skeeto eddie spaghetti. right now i am somewhere in between the crack universe and the v universe. i'm going to leave for the trembling blue stars show in a few minutes. i am excited! whee! i think i'll be able to handle myself this time and not act as childish as the last time i saw them when i saw niko and his gf there. they showed up last night even tho i'd specifically asked him not to bring her. bah. whatev. anyways, he brought her and it was okay. i didn't feel that knot in my stomach twist tighter. i could barely look at her, but barely looking at her is more than i could do a month ago. it's so wierd that it still brings me down that he's with her, because i'm hopelessly devoted to jeremiah. i don't know why i can't get past the fact he's with her tho. *sigh* every day in every way i am getting better and better. radiohead. rar. i am delirious. gah.

tonight i watched the simpsons for the first time in ages + ages. it was so funny. oh my god. why the fork did i ever stop watching? gah! okay so yea. tbs tonight. i should leave. i haven't heard from jeremiah all day. boo. i get to see him on friday. i am flipping out. that is like 4 days and 12 hours. or something ridicously small.

i finished an underachiever's diary and it kicked my ass. gah. reading is so neat. i'm glad i'm back in the saddle again. i am glad i am going to see tbs tonight. i am glad i get to see jeremiah in like 4.5 days. i am a dork. i am leigh. i will finger point the fat away.

survey: would you buy a work out video if your favourite bands were in it doing the work out? kinda like an indie rock steppin' to the oldies. seriously. hah. t'would be called "finger pointing the fat away" or something along those lines. what do you think? would you buy it? sign the guestbook. which bands would you want to see workout?

this is a good example of why one should never drink two ciders on a somewhat empty stomach and work at 9 the next morning.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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