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"and i believe anything you say is true..."

"and i can get behind anything you tell me to,
and i believe anything you say is true."

-it's in your eyes (sloan)

mm. sa sa sloan. tonight i called lalalaini while i was picking up taco bell for john masters. we talked things out and i can see what's she's going through is not fun. i just wanna help lift her spirits. that's what friends are for. dur!

tonight i did a bad thing. i spent a fortune at now! which is good for tha store, since no one else spent a lot today [that is bad]. rock. i guess it's really okay, since i have the money to splurge once in awhile and still put some part of a payment towards my credit card balance [bad bad bad].

today's purchases:

the dismemberment plan - change
pApAs fritAs - helioself
sloan - pretty together
the strokes - is this it
super furry animals - rings around the world
v/a - the amos house collection vol. 1

i am going CRAZY waiting for the new hayden + julie doiron albums to arrive. GAH! seriously crazy. i screamed over the phone and laini said people could hear me a mile away! gah!

today i finished reading speaking with the angel, which i thoroughly enjoyed. the stories all kept my interest. i really really liked the dave eggers story a lot. the colin firth story was great as well. i can't believe it when someone has more than one great talent. it makes me think that the world is not a fair place. gwyneth paltrow has a really lovely singing voice, she's gorgeous ['pretty in that british horsey sort of way'] and she's a good actress. no fair! colin firth is 1) one of the sexiest men alive. 2) a fantastic actor 3) a good writer. gah!

no fair! so now i've started a new book called an underachiever's diary and it's really effing brill. totally random choice at the library. i was looking for another A author and i stumbled upon this little book by mr. benjamin anastas. it's hilarious and real and exactly what i was looking for. i also checked out a book called 'thirtynothing', which looked like a good idea at the time, but now i'm not so sure. in any case, i'm back to reading in the furious nature i once read. taking the metro to and from temp jobs a few days a week certainly helps me out there. i'm getting to not mind the ride so much.

today on the metro i listened to the second mixtape jeremiah made me. the two mixtapes are duking it out for number 1. i think the first tape is still ahead, but barely. i adore that boy. i am so forking exciting! the countdown = 2 weeks + a few hours! right now i am beaming. i'm signing off to work on his second mixtape now. the cover's done, but the tape's not yet! ah, but such is life.

and to all those kids signing my g-book supporting wal-mart's shoe dept., i say boo! ;)

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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