September 10th, 2009


tattoos, crafting, the usual.

the more and more i think about it, the more i want to get these tattooed around my wrists:

"everyone must die, but first we get to live."

"do something pretty while you can."

i originally wanted to get them on each of my forearms, but something says whatever day job comes next won't be as accepting of that as wrist tattoos. zachary thinks it's morbid, but this sentiment is one that we should all embrace. i like the idea of having a constant reminder to treasure the time i have here.

a bit before hoggle passed away, i received my DRAWsome by susie ghahremani boygirlparty of hoggle & hermione. DRAWsome is a project she is doing where, if you are lucky enough to buy a listing when they are up on her etsy shop, she will draw what you ask her to. if susie says it's okay, i was thinking of getting that done. either that or i'll just ask my beloved esther at butterfat studios to come up with something beautiful. just now i was thinking it would kind of be great to have a tattoo of him portrait style on my right arm, mirroring where the headphones are on my left arm. hmm.

this weekend is the renegade craft fair in chicago. if you are around, stop by and say hi to eliza (purse-onality) and i. we are booth #67. i am psyched to see all of my crafty pals there. i don't feel ready yet, but i better pull it together because i only have TONIGHT and tomorrow night to prep. ARGH!

speaking of which, i have a couple new products up on the rhymes with twee etsy shop.

p.s. sarah of the small object wrote a post that everyone should read:
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