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"you're like a ball in a pniball machine, bouncing around in my brain..."

"you're like a ball in a pinball machine,
bouncing around my brain.
you know you're in my brain;
in my brain."

-train (delta haymax)

as sad as it is that now! is moving/has moved to the new location, it's a good thing as well because now we'll be able to stock a lot of stuff we'd been out of! money sucks. i am not good at managing my money. i am good at spending money, especially when it comes to spending it on records.

on sunday night i helped karyn move her stuff into amanda's house. she is going to move into the house in november. this is crazy! the location is rad. it's a neat house and apparently other people are moving out. which means very tenatively that jen + i could move in with karyn, amanda, and a boy named jose. i would *love* living in a house with cool kids. the idea of living in an apartment with just one other person does not float my boat. i don't think i could live with anyone in an apartment right now. i used to think that i could do it with brad, but we know how that turned out. blah.

after moving karyn's stuff to amanda's, i helped move stuff from the old now! space outside, because the landlord was supposed to come lock it up at midnight. then of course, 10 til midnight it started raining. so we race to get everything covered up while we wait for the truck to come back. i had to leave at 12:30 because i was exhausted. i haven't even seen the new space yet, cos i've been doing so much of nothing.

tonight is the pocket rockets backstage at the black cat. i must say that miss lili rules. last night was the first time i actually hung out with her somewhere that was not a show! she was online and complaining about being hungry + desired pizza + that she had no pizza. so i told her i'd come get her and we'd go get pizza. college park is about 45 minutes from my house. but i picked up a boy named bob who i'd msged off moc. nice kid! i question his judgement tho. cos we hadn't really talked that much and he came along for the ride to UMD tho he barely knew me. huzzah! anyways, we went there, got lili, went to get pizza, then finally i got ahold of na na nancy and went to her place + then to plato's. quite a fun night! seriously it's one of my favourite things to hang out with people i don't know that well + just get to know them. i am a dork like that.

i am listening to delta haymax because they were a band i didn't know until jeremiah put them on my tape + now i'm all smooshy over them like i am over him. bad money management. i am going to pick up amanda and rock out to the pocket rockets. then i'm coming home + will try to get to sleep early. who am i kidding?

tom mccrae + the waterboys tomorrow. thursday is beulah + mates of state. yum!

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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