October 19th, 2008

on the phone - george washington (by

the present beware; the future beware...he's coming he's coming he's coming!

this is why i should never drink coffee. i am not sleepy and it is 3:30 in the morning. this was only my second cup of coffee ever and it was maybe 2/3 cup actual coffee and the rest was milk and some sugar. i did drink it around 9pm though.

i think i want to go as george washington for halloween.

yep, this george washington:

i think i'll just make a mask out of posterboard and wear a blue tunic-y shirt and brown pants? and carry a fake knife and maybe another prop...where to find shoes with buckles...that i can wear...more than once. the hunt is on. if not, i will resort to my standby that i didn't resort to last year; ugly betty. i can do that, but i like a challenge.

my photo 365 on flickr is up to date:

food i made in the last two days:

now that it's nearly 4am i am going to have a go at this sleep thing...
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