August 13th, 2008


i swear that things have been happening

too much really to re-cap everything.

i made a ton of stuff for DEPART-ment at pitchfork july 18th, 19th, and 20th.
i went to yelp around the world at the dank haus on july 24th.
jason turned 30 july 31st.
i saw radiohead at lolla august 1st thanks to ginny getting me a vendor wristband for $25.
laini would have turned 30 on august 2nd.
i saw she & him august 5th.
i saw the sneak preview of handmade nation august 7th.
hoggle met mindi & ethan's hedgehog napoleon, but mostly they just avoided each other august 8th.
niko came to visit august 9th and 10th.
i was rejected for my first craft fair so far DIY TRUNK SHOW august 11th.
sei jin turned 35 august 12th.

those are the biggest things i think.

the diy trunk show news was a bit of a bummer since i loved that fair and i had applied with eliza and i was hoping we'd get in. yeah, i'm doing renegade chicago and crafty bastards and i am psyched for those. i had a new card idea yesterday and i thought i was finished but today i made some more tweaks to the design and hopefully tonight i will print it.

other craft fairs i have applications out for:
handmade arcade (pittsburgh, pa) - november 8th & 9th
craftland (providence, ri) - december 5-24, 2008 (set up like a store)

my fingers are crossed. i want to do some xmas shows, but the renegade chicago holiday application is $210, so i'd only apply if i could split it three ways. too expensive doing this kind of stuff on my own.
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