April 15th, 2008


STACHEonery - moustache stationery!

when my head hits the pillow these days all i do is think, think, think, so i may as well put my nightowl tendencies to good use.


i really do love wordplay:

i finally FINALLY figured out a way to package up my mustache stationery AND thought up a clever name AND took pics AND listed sets on etsy. i attempted to google it and couldn't find anyone who had used my word play. i tried alternate spellings and everything. :D it feels good to accomplish craft goals well before my first craft fair of the year, depart-ment, and not have to rush to get everything done at once.

i hear hoggle eating, which means i should get some sleep.

tecalitlan tomorrow night @ 7:45.
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    i've had this los campesinos song in my head.