April 8th, 2008

aquatic, the life

yesterday was hoggle's birthday.

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so, if you are coming to margaritas tonight at tecalitlan, we made cupcakes for hoggle that he couldn't eat, so we have 20 left for you to consume. yah? we also gave hoggle the taste of live prey last night when he ate some small crickets since home depot didn't sell mealworms like i thought they would.

things are feeling pretty good in my life other than the fact that my legs hurt so much from exercising on saturday.

oh and ps. i mentioned it before, but i made a jason anderson mix cd. if you would like to hear this k records dude whose music totally owns my heart, please email me your address and i will mail you one. i made 5 other copies, but i will make more if needs be. only one is spoken for so far (by thara).
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