March 19th, 2008

he'll kick you apart! - george washingto

10 Totally Unimportant Things I Like from sarahcoyne

01 | the way a pen feels tucked behind my right ear and forgetting it's there later
02 | zachary and saying "hi mom", "bye mom" in the voice we think hoggle would use and vice versa
03 | getting new testimonials or comments of any kind (lj, myspace, flickr, yelp, facebook, etsy)
04 | going on adventures with friends that start with one errand but turn into lots of fun with unplanned stops
05 | miniature desserts - yesterday i had "the world's smallest banana split" from frango cafe inside macy's/marshall fields. so perfect.
06 | inside jokes like "ruh-rye-rah", "c-p island", "gubbins", "vomit sex" (though dan made this all too real emailing a picture recently)
07 | pouring cream into zachary's coffee and swirling it around even though i don't drink coffee
08 | days when it's quiet up front and no one is playing music (i know, me saying no music, right? it's just seriously overwhelming some days with all the noise - today is a nice quiet day here)
09 | finding perfect presents
10 | watching an entire television series over a short period of time (so many watched lately: black books, twin peaks, my so-called life, quarterlife, and i started shameless this weekend)


everyone, please read about the lj strike and don't post friday, march 21st. lj is taking away freedoms and it's not cool. read more behind this Collapse )
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