January 2nd, 2008

against demons

newness & resolutions

last night we celebrated the new year at a small gathering at kirstie & jason's where we watched flight of the conchords and ate a huge feast of food. our contribution was veggie sushi. i was terrified on the way back as everyone was driving terribly. today we didn't do much. i slept in. z woke me up and we watched the blue kite (finally, i've had this a month+). then we met kirstie & jason at jerry's for dinner and walked to letitzia's for dessert (z and i split) and came home.

my best of lists are coming, but for now i've just got a list of resolutions.

my resolutions are as follows:

treat myself better
a | stop drinking soda (only allowed in jack & cokes when at dive bars)
b | re-join a gym or start working out at home (yoga for indie rockers has been purchased)
c | eat less sugar
d | cook at home more
e | look into going back to school
f | look for a new job
g | go to sleep before 1am on work nights

get rhymes with twee out there more
a | make lots more new products
b | apply for more craft fairs
c | get a website made (anyone with zencart skills, contact me with a quote)
d | finish reading craft, inc. and follow it as a bible
e | consign and sell outright to more stores (work on finding someplace in chicago to sell my stuff)
f | keep craft room tidy & organized

be the best boo
a | attempt to stop cracking knuckles around z
b | clean up the apartment more
c | whine less

be a better friend
a | visit faraway friends
b | write and mail stuff more often
c | more phone calls
d | hound people more for submissions to the laini memorial zine

have more fun
a | do the photo365 project (they will live here
b | go out more
c | do things you have not done before (especially the free stuff)
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