December 10th, 2007

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the golden compass (the movie), john torturro, etc.

friday night i saw the golden compass with zachary, ginny, and jerroid (finally) at city north. this was the most hyped i may have ever been about a movie and it let me down. i won't spoil it for anyone though. it was a good film as a film, but it did not do the book justice. i yelled "what the?" really loud when the film ended. seriously, wtf.

i met john torturro on saturday after he showed the new film he wrote and directed, romance and cigarettes at the music box. it was a great film and i highly recommend it. he was pretty much as nice as any celebrity can come. he seemed genuinely interested in everyone who stayed to talk to him (and not in a fake way). he was humble and sweet. i <3 john torturro even more now.

i went to renegade craft fair holiday sale this weekend both saturday and sunday and i checked off a lot of boxes on my xmas gift list. wahey! still a ways to go, but there are still a couple little sales coming up. also dropped by the handmade market at the empty bottle on saturday and it was pretty dead.

i ate brunch with reba and jami this morning at flo and met miss alison and her peeps at el faro for her bday dinner in little village. they went rollerskating afterwards but i am starting to feel sick. z is full on sick and weak on the couch. i didn't do the one thing i swore i would do this weekend and that was bringing the stanley donwood print i've had about 3 years now to april sevens for custom framing. ungh. tomorrow hopefully that will finally happen.

also, i watched pirates of the caribbean: world's end or whatever. what a waste of a movie that was. oh, i did watch ball of fire. put it on your queues, friends. it was really sweet.

also, someone linked to this and i really want it. anyone?

one more also, i think i listened to the pas/cal ep dear sir about six times in a row today. this is one of my fave songs of 2007: listen and then you should buy the ep.
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