December 4th, 2007

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O Christmas Twee

last night z showed me a present he bought hoggle, a glass hedgehog ornament he picked up at christkindlmarket. his 6 foot tree is at his parent's house with all his ornaments. i've never had a fake tree, but i do have a quickly growing collection of christmas ornaments. he would not allow a shiny pink christmas tree, so eliza and i headed to kmart to see what they had and i bought a martha stewart 2 foot tree that was $9.99. then i decorated it with my ornaments. it feels nice to display them all. the pictures have notes over them. :)

IMG_6917 IMG_6918

i put up a bunch more photos on flickr last night. i also put the hoggle postcards in the etsy shop:

for anyone who is a fan of live music:

i am re-reading the golden compass in preparation for friday night. i'm nearly halfway through, but tonight is a yelp elite event and i've got a variety of projects i am working on, so i hope i can finish it before the movie.
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