November 30th, 2007


rhymes with twee selling in chicago & cleveland this weekend.

chicagoans, you can buy rhymes with twee stock at DEPART-ment this weekend. during set up last night, i got a gander at all the cool stuff. wow. depart-ment is really one of my favorite craft fairs and i'm so glad to sell at my second one this weekend. i'm really bummed i won't be around to buy really, but perhaps alison and i will make great time back and make the tail end of it. hm!

ohio-ans, you can buy rhymes with twee stock FROM ME at bazaar bizarre in cleveland tomorrow, december 1st! i am psyched. miss alison is picking me and my stuff up after work today and we drive. the fair is from 12-9 which is very very long, so if you are there, please come by and bring baked goods. alison is vegan. i am not. i also hope that the organizers saw my note about sitting us near one another so one of us can watch both tables while then other one uses the bathroom or browses.

last night i made a bunch of hoggle pins which i packaged up with the hoggle holiday postcards i had printed and will be selling them 6 for $5. otherwise, the postcards are $1 apiece, but after asking around, everyone said that $1 was a fair price for a really cute postcard. we'll see if customers think that as well.

my raise went into effect on this paycheck which is great because money is always tight around the holidays especially since i love buying gifts for those that i love. the xmas bonus check should be here in mid-december. additionally, the money made at these two craft fairs will help too. everyone cross your fingers that rwt does well.

i was all ready to make the xmas pickle ornaments again last night but my shrinkydinks kept getting screwed up. i never had this bad of a problem before, but this time they kept sticking to themselves or sticking to the paper EVERY SINGLE TIME. in the toaster oven, i put them on cut up brown grocery bags like they say to. i also tried putting them on cardboard, and on wax paper. NOTHING WORKED. halp! i just gave up after messing up maybe 6 different attempts and packed up for depart-ment, dropped that stuff up, came back and watched most of death proof with z, and then wandered off to pack stuff up for cleveland.
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