November 13th, 2007


Awesome Friends Card Sets!

Awesome Friends Card Set

Seeing as today I counted down the number of days at home I will have before TWO craft fairs in the same weekend, I've decided to make stuff like mad! I think I'll make these into patches as well since the last Awesome Friends patches I made were such a hit.

Also, here is a photo of Hoggle's new cage we built on Sunday:

Hoggle's Cube & Coroplast Cage We Built 01


I realized I really need to make another birthday card. The baguette birthday sold out awhile back since I only had 20 of those to sell. SO, we shall see. I was making these cards while Z watched Princess Raccoon which was insane. We are nearly finished watching 'Mad Love' and Peter Lorre creeps me out. Nightmare City!
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me and my sister laini

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there is a girl that many of you know named laini. her dad has started calling friends to let them know that she has a blood infection and it's very serious. anyways, i love her. she's not really my sister, but we've always felt like we were separated at birth. i'll be posting more photos of us from her flickr. i guess with her permissions, i can't just dump them all into one post, so i'll be making a couple posts in a row. if you pray, pray. if you don't, send good wishes towards johns hopkins in baltimore.
against demons

laini, i love you and miss you.

so many memories. scott passed on via email that laini stamathis died yesterday at johns hopkins hospital. she was 29 years young, one of the most thoughtful, caring, and creative individuals i have ever met. i feel so lucky to have had her in my life since we met outside of fletcher's july 12, 1998 for the drugstore show. i am flying in tomorrow and leaving sunday. if you have any laini stories, i would like to compile a zine of laini memories and then send it out to everyone who contributed or who knew her. i have so many stories. i know you do too.

Nov 14 Wed N/S MDW-IAD 1307
Depart Chicago (MDW) at 2:05 PM
Arrive in Washington D.C. (IAD) at 4:50 PM

Nov 18 Sun N/S IAD-MDW 1394
Depart Washington D.C. (IAD) at 5:20 PM
Arrive in Chicago (MDW) at 6:20 PM

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this weekend was when i was going to get my against demons tattoo. when i finally do get it, i'm going to add L.S. to the design somewhere small.
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