November 11th, 2007


bazaar bizarre cleveland - i'm in for sure!

i just got the email, so anyone in the cleveland area, please drop by december 1st! miss alison and i are driving out there. it will be awesome.

last night after we administered hoggle the meds he nearly bit off my right thumb as i was trying to get him to eat yogurt. we wanted to do something to reward all the stress he's been put through with the medication and the yogurt, so today z and i finally built hoggle's cube & coroplast cage. he's digging it and wandering around like "wow! there's so much space!" we had to tweak the layout of our living room, but we just wanted him to be healthier and happier. i'm going to sew up some fleece liners soon. for now we're just using towels. off to finish doing my illinois sales taxes for rwt. after reading the paperwork more thoroughly they are actually due tomorrow, so i'm hoping there is somewhere i can turn them in in person.

friday night i hung out with erica and went to dinner at handlebar, found some pants at kohl's, picked up yogurt for hoggle and other stuff at jewel, and then dropped erica off and met maddox! yesterday i woke up pretty late, donia came over and i made us quesadillas for lunch, we went over to handmade market at empty bottle, i gave her the three chicken items i still had in the house and she was off. last night i did karaoke for the first time ever at kris swanberg's bday party. i sang four songs: nkotb - the right stuff (you got it), the flaming lips - she don't use jelly, the boxtops - the letter, and dcfc - i will follow you into the dark. karaoke restaurant = best.
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