November 6th, 2007

lion eating child - george washington (b

no meat tuesday and i love d.c.

i really try not to be preachy, as there is a lot i want to improve about myself, but this article really touched a chord in my heart:

the pig farmer by john robbins

even the hardest of hearts can change their ways. if you have a couple minutes, as it's rather long, you really should read it.

unrelated and actually probably the opposite message as ben's chili bowl serves heaploads of meat there, i watched TALK TO ME last night and it also really pulled a heartstring. during the d.c. riots that occurred after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, ben's chili bowl was a safe haven and no one touched it. seeing it on screen in the film, i squealed with joy. i have a lot of love for my hometown d.c. no one can tell me it's really not my hometown because i spent just as much time in the city as i did in alexandria.'s_Chili_Bowl
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