November 5th, 2007

against demons

i want to know when your bdays are...

i feel like i am falling behind on bdays of important people whom i love. even if you think i know your bday, you should comment. i knew charlie's bday was in the fall, but not that it was coming up on friday! i need to update my gmail calendar with everyone's birthdays. anyways, that would be kind of awesome. thanks, kiddos!

please tell me your bday
month / day / year, please.

on friday night we saw jens lekman at the logan square auditorium. it was really a magical show. i have always been a casual listener of jl, but after that show i am really falling for him hard. i watched some good and some mediocre movies this weekend. chalk was lame, but ended with ss's 'chicago' and i sang "all things go" into natalia's voicemail. deliver us from evil was really an eye-opener. it tells the bone-chilling story of one catholic priest who molested many children and how he got away with it mostly scot-free by the church shuffling him around to new parishes so he could continue the abuse to possibly hundreds of children. holy hell, in the doc, there's a quote about how much the church is like the mafia, and after that doc, i could not agree more. i hope i'm not offending my catholic friends in saying that. the part that really got to me was this one bishop in particular who shuffled around something like 500 priests who had been accused of abusing children in his parish, just so none could be found out about, thusly hurting his position as bishop. anyways, it made me pretty sick to my stomach. a different kind of sick to my stomach was after i overshot the amount of rice and veggies to make sushi and i ended up making 10 veggie maki rolls last night. note to self: next time make only 1 cup of rice as opposed to 1.5 cups.

saturday during the day, i went with ginny and her former roommate molly to vogue fabrics. then i did a bit of cleaning to appease the boo and then saturday night, erica & dj and i met up with ginny & co. at tecalitlan. that was really fun, but i decided i was just perfectly tipsy and i went home. this was a really good weekend. yay for the extra hour!
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