August 27th, 2007


going to see rufus for the first time in ages

i remember seeing rufus wainwright with karyn twice years ago and just loving his stage presence. my friend brandy in milwaukee got z and i tickets, so we both are leaving work at 1 to see him with the magic numbers. this weekend was very low key. friday night, i watched the first four episodes of ugly betty with eliza. saturday, z and i ate at fat willy's and saw the bourne ultimatum and then ate at this new milwaukee ave. lounge/restaurant BETWEEN with mark and then stephanie joined us for a drink there. yesterday afternoon we saw the simpson's movie and then i went to the ladyfest general meeting. afterwards, i went out for a bite at high dive with beth, anni, and miranda. i need to take it easy more often.

also, i watched apocalypto and hot fuzz. hot fuzz was only kind of funny. actually, i think apocalypto may have been more funny in a different way.
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