July 23rd, 2007

aquatic, the life

harry potter & the deathly hallows

yep, i finished it earlier today and it was great. some tears fell, but i laughed way more than i thought i would have. no spoilers. i feel like jk did a fantastic job. anyone who wants to dish off journal, i am down.

i missed the boat on pre-ordering it of cheaply from an independent book store and had a lot of regret placing my order with amazon. then when it showed up they had shipped it UPS TO OUR POST OFFICE which is one of the worst in the city. i think we ended up getting the book at 6pm on saturday. i feel like i really missed out on something great by participating in any parties.

friday night i slept and slept and then i woke up and finished the animal girl (john fulton) which i loved. really sad but touching strange kind of love stories. before that i read five things i can't live without (holly shumas) and before that notes on the refrigerator door (alice kuipers). i've been on a roll with reading.

tonight kris + joe came over and cooked us chicken bratwurst and saw our apartment and met hoggle for the first time. fun was had. girls talked girl stuff and boys talked boy stuff. i love mr. and mrs. swanberg :)

i want these:

i want to do the handmade arcade:

also, after seeing nicole's awesome results with hers, i want to try this out:
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