May 22nd, 2007

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what a girl wants...

i find this really funny that a couple weeks back i was joking with z about the myspace ads with VIDEOS of girls squeezing their boobles together while bending over or chewing on a pencil or flirting with the camera...etc. whenever i'd sign out of my account, i'd MAYBE get a picture of an attractive dude, but NOW has turned their ads directed at straight girls (and maybe gay dudes too?) into videos of 1) a guy playing a doctor AND 2) the same guy playing a nerd. dudes, these are absolutely hilarious. the guy is actually someone i find very attractive, but the videos are TOTES ridiculous. log in and out of your account to see for yourself. mwahhawh, oh myspace /, you crack me up.

i finished the 3rd and likely final in my "girls with glasses" print series. now i need to figure out how to package them. also, since these sets are limited to 100:

1) should i number them?
2) if so, do i pencil or pen it?
3) on the front or the back?

please give me yr thoughts.

SOUTH UNION ARTS MARKET LADYFEST BENEFIT is THIS SUNDAY, MAY 27th from noon - 5pm. please come. i'll be there with some of my very best ladies selling some of the best stuff...
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