December 21st, 2006

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deathleigh hallows

here is something pretty you should look at: (thanks for the link, kayte!)

i am really psyched to be going back to dc tomorrow. g-d, i miss you dc kids. i got the best christmas card from tom cakuls and i teared up just a little bit while reading it. i will be at the black cat saturday night for STATEHOOD! other than that, i talked to carol about hanging out sunday. i still want to see the joseph cornell exhibit, alex (hem, hem <--- hey, that's like umbridge which somehow ties my post subject to the post itself, oh yeah and the fact that harry potter and the deathly hallows is done - rocks fall, everyone dies).

the office is quiet tomorrow since the two redheads are gone. peter says he's letting us out way early tomorrow, but i don't know whether i should bring my suitcase to work or not. z's plane is delayed 1.5 hours right now because of a storm in denver (which makes no sense).

we left a couple of christmas presents for after christmas since we won't be spending it together. i can't wait to give him his big xmas present. eep!


i forgot to write this yesterday but i laughed my head off over the myspace profile of the band HINDER. twice while i was driving by myself with the radio on (once in northhampton, ma and then when i was back home for t-giving last month), i heard this song that i could not believe was real and i actually called zachary to have him email me the lyrics so i could look it up. he thought i was joking and didn't email me so i kept trying to remember the lyrics and knew it had something to do with it being okay to cheat on your girlfriend as long as the girl you cheated with was an angel... yeah, so i heard it on the radio the other day and googled it --> - i find it especially funny that all their top 8 look like webcam sluts!

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