December 18th, 2006

aquatic, the life

no place to work!

we were told to move everything off the floor on friday. i knew that we were getting new carpets today and that i'd be exiled from my area for a couple hours. this was what i saw when i got into the office today:

hall outside of office

this is where diana and i sit

it's 1:37 and i still haven't been called back into the office. needless to say there are a lot of lawyers who are ticked that they can't get in/out of their offices for hours. oh the things companies do to save a buck (not paying workers overtime to rip up/lay down the carpet after hours). i did get to wrap the last of z's presents and package up my sampler contribution for february (due january 15, but i'm getting a headstart on things). maybe i can succeed in tempting dan into going with me to get a sandwich, but i'm afraid that the moment i leave the house on an errand that i'll be called back in.
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