December 11th, 2006

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renegade holiday wrap up!

i'll have pictures put up once i am home today, but for now here is the text-based wrap. it's really encouraging doing big craft fairs because you can get a general idea of what people like and what people are buying. my tablemates susan (future cougar) and natalie (banana vinilio) could not have been nicer. though we had very diverse goods, we made our table set up work. on day 1 we all did really well and i made back my portion of the table fee and i made a profit of $1! day 2 was pretty terrible and i made a third of what i did on day 1. day 2 was also terrible because i felt flu-like symptoms and hey, according to this, it really does sound like the flu! that accompanied with digestion problems made me hide behind my display and shiver. i popped up a couple times to sell our wares, but mostly i was sitting down and quiet. sad face. james qylaar made a last minute card purchase which kind of made my day. i absolutely adore jordana and his stuff, especially the giraffes. if for some crazy reason you've never seen their stuff, check them out.

it was great to see val (make out goods), brianne (cutie cooties),jill huntsberger, souldier, the sew rad girls, lena nicelena, andrea owly, etc. it really feels good to be a part of the craft community next to people like this.

oh yeah and speaking of sick, when i woke up this morning, i had a non-stop nosebleed for 20 minutes. thanks webmd for having instructions how to stop a nosebleed.

on the upside: all of my xmas shopping is done except for zachary, but i know what i'm getting him but i'm waiting until my next paycheck goes into ye olde bank account.

also, i watched one of the best movies i have seen in a long time: look both ways. it's funny, sweet, and thought-provoking. it reminded me a little of me and you and everyone we know.
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