December 6th, 2006

against demons

rest in peace, james kim.

i have been super busy trying to get stuff done for renegade craft fair holiday sale this upcoming weekend, but since charlie first posted about her bosses kati and james kim and their two children going missing, i've been following the story. i was overjoyed that kati and the children were found. just now however, i read through teary eyes that james kim was found dead today. the wonderful susie boygirlparty is putting together a care package for kati, who co-owned the stores doe and church street apothecary with james. if you are a crafty sort and would like to contribute crafts, see susie's post here. if you would rather give a monetary donation to the family, go to the website a friend of the family set up: remember to hug the ones you love as often as is possible.
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