November 30th, 2006

aquatic, the life


carol linked this in her journal and i think every girl and guy should watch it:

holy gosh, tomorrow is the first day of december and this is the first year i've done my shopping early. 18 gifts purchased and 7 left to buy: 1) my boss 2) k, a co-worker 3) my brother 4) Mollie, my cousin 5) Leslie Boehms 6) Zachary's dad 7) Zachary - thanks to a tip from diana for the co-worker, i now have ideas for everyone except for z's dad.

i finally looked at a picture of nicole kidman as mrs. coulter in his dark materials: the golden compass and man, they did a good job casting her. i'm on book three now. it's engrossing and great and i think anyone who really enjoys well-written book series (not necessarily even for young adults) should read it. do it!

this weekend i craft like there is no tomorrow since the first day of the renegade craft fair is a week and 2 days from tomorrow.
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