November 28th, 2006

aquatic, the life

life is a circle.

firstly, look at this.

yesterday zachary and i dropped off my stuff at my place, then lounged at his house for a bit and then walked to the landmark to see shortbus. now, let me say that i had reservations about this movie since i'm not interested in watching pornography whatsoever, but this was not pornography. there are some really human stories represented in the film. i ended up loving the movie. if sex on screen makes you super squirmy, don't see this movie. after the movie, we went to chicago's pizza and pasta and then watched Blood Tea and Red String. this stop-motion animation film was amazing. director christiane cegavske paid attention to the tiniest of details. it really just blew my mind. it's only a bit over an hour long so plop it on your netflix or blockbuster online queue or buy it!

this weekend was incredible. you guys joke that i cram a lot in but really, i crammed A LOT in. i saw so many of my friends and there was still stuff i didn't get to do, like the joseph cornell exhibit which hopefully alex will go see again when i come back for christmas. overall though, wow, i saw so many of my incredible friends.

sunday night at jen + matt's wedding, zachary heard some sad news from his dad so we left the wedding early. his gramma (his mom's mom) had passed away. he's going home to berea thursday - saturday to say goodbye with his family. she didn't want bells and whistles. i met her when i went home with him and i got to see her celebrate her birthday. both of his grandmas combined remind me of my own grandma who passed in 2005. it just shows that life is a circle. a new life begins as one ends. i feel like i am getting better dealing with death than i used to.
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