November 21st, 2006

aquatic, the life

week+ wrap

friday: saw crispin glover's 'what is it?' with zachary and ginny
saturday: went to eli's cheesecake factory with leslie boehms, then to DIY Trunk Show with lauren and leslie boehms, and then to kohl's with laser beams (nickname for leslie boehms)!
sunday: 3 movies in one day with jerroid and zachary, the illusionist, borat, and the prestige. then we rested before going to see bishop allen at beat kitchen. holy gosh man, they are so great. i bought 7 of their eps (one for every month in 2006)
monday: crazy busy
tuesday: less crazy but still busy

tonight is morrissey and tomorrow zachary and i leave for dc where we'll have awesome thanksgiving + see jen + matt get married. YOWZA!

i am really excited for this weekend but as soon as i come back i'm going to craft my butt off since i'm in the renegade holiday sale december 9th + 10th and then the next weekend nadia + dan get married. wahey!

oldtime lucksmiths fan brantastic is moving to chicago and that is pretty sweet!

ps. pictures of my aforementioned craft project DO_TO lists are up in sarah's journal here, if you'd like to look:
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