November 16th, 2006

against demons

lately i've been lacking luck

last night i was at leslie boehm's house dining on sushi she made for us and drinking bacci balls (sp?) (orange juice, amaretto, and lime) when zachary rang me and said that my car wouldn't start. it was just a little past 8 so the honda dealership was closed, so we drove up to the gas station he was at and picked him up and the tow guy brought the car back to my neighborhood so i could get a tow this morning. my tow guy was nice and efficient and when i asked if i could help nudge my car forward, he kept saying no. seriously i asked him 4 times until he caved in and said yes and wham, my car was moving. :) either way, this is going to be a pricey fix and i am not looking forward to fletcher jones calling me with the estimate. update: $520 estimate (that's for parts, labor, and tax). vomit.

chin up, leigh:
- tonight is either glossary at the hideout or swap simple at the hopleaf and hopefully somewhere i'll squeeze in seeing 'mutual appreciation' with z.
- tomorrow: holy fuck dudes, crispin hellion glover and his film, what is it?
- saturday: DIY trunk show @ pulaski park auditorium
- monday: headlights (FREE) @ the empty bottle
- tuesday: morrissey
- wednesday - monday: home for t-giving and shadow snuggling and omg, jen peltak's wedding. YIPEE!

stuff like the above and having really great friends makes me take this in stride: - i rebutted carefully, but it did hurt to read that review.
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aquatic, the life

mutual appreciation

if mutual appreciation is playing anywhere near you, you should see it. also, if you have netflix or blockbuster online or any of that junk, you should put andrew bujalski's other film funny haha on your queue.

off to watch another movie. gosh it's good actually relaxing for once in awhile.
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