November 2nd, 2006


learning how to knit...just what i needed

so, my awesome pal leslie showed me how to knit on tuesday and ever since that's all i want to do. the reason i have the totebag in the picture is because one of leslie's best friends is sarahbeth purcell (author of love is the drug and this is not a love song and who is awesome and sent treats along with leslie for me and ALSO taught leslie how to knit and then she taught me. also, the reason z and i started dating was because i'd left sarahbeth a comment on her myspace page and he saw it, thought i looked cute and then clicked on my profile and was like "omg, this girl lives in chicago. i am going to write her". it's 7 months for zachary and i today, so basically, i'm saying i owe sarahbeth for much of my happinss. GO SARAHBETH PURCELL!

there's something really comforting in the lovely sound that the bamboo makes when clicking together. since my boss is entangled in way too many cases at the moment, i am swimming in papers, but it was nice to take a break from that to knit a bit on lunchbreak and i also read a chapter of his dark materials, book 2: the subtle knife. i am totally turning into a crafty sci-fi fantasy girl. next thing you know i'll be posting pictures of a totebag i made out of 'Dust', pretending that i have my own daemon, and naming my future daughter Lyra (honestly, this totally and completely crossed my mind because i really like the sound of it and also because it reminds me of the word lyric).

oh! last night zachary and i went to the abbey pub to see stuart staples (tindersticks). i enjoyed the show, but he's the superfan. :) since his 'rents are coming in today, we're going to take them out to dinner (it's his mom's bday) and then i'll likely resume crafting. i'm working SUA tomorrow night and hopefully i'll be able to do some crafting there. i must be a craft machine. anyone who is sending me stuff to sell at the SUA Market, please get it to me ASAP so i have less to worry about next week. OMG, it's like a week and a day away. cue freak out now!
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