October 11th, 2006


lalalala, we're the besties!

so, i bought this dress from daddy-o's.

jen + nadia: is it bad luck to see what your friends are wearing to yr weddings? anyways, that's what it looks like on me. i'm pretty happy with it, but as you can see that my tum bulge is poking out a bit. i am working on that. since danimal lost so much weight by cutting out processed sugar from his diet, i am trying the same thing. yeah, i know...sugar is my blood, but i am doing really good and only cheating a tiny bit (examples from this weekend: half a cookie instead of 3 or 4 cookies, splitting a dairy free chocolate mousse cake with 2 other people, etc.). i really do feel a lot better. no soda whatsoever, not even sips. i just want to lessen this paunch in time for jtak and nadia's weddings so i look super fancy in that dress next to zachary!

OH YEAH, i went to popfest! new england 2006 in northampton, ma this past weekend and it blew my mindddddddd. i made videos and i uploaded them to youtube last night! if you'd like to see some of the big names in indiepop, check them out:

My Teenage Stride @ Popfest! New England! covering Lazy Line Painter Jane

The Besties @ Popfest! New England - end of their set

The Smittens @ Popfest! New England - SAPPHIRE live

The Smittens @ Popfest! New England w/ guests Besties

Locas in Love @ Popfest! New England - banter

Specific Heats @ Popfest! New England - REMIX!

The Brother Kite @ Popfest! New England - The Coat of Arms

The Brother Kite @ Popfest! New England - Out of Sight

Secret Shine @ Popfest! New England - Loveblind

i hung out with leslie (formerly _protocol), tara plainmabel, kevin alvir, mat pat/jen specific heats, neal snow fairies, chric mac, all thebrotherkite kids, nadav carmel, etc. etc. i also met some of my favorite craft friends when nadav, leslie, and i drove out to providence: erica cofee_drinker and teresa limelady (sewingstars.com). yeah, it was a fantastic weekend. i ended up spending a huge amount of money this weekend, but i can really say that it was worth every cent. man, indie pop is awesome. speaking of indie pop, tilly and the wall instore at reckless (broadway) tonight! i'm heading to z's and then i'll be going to get margaritas with ginny, and then the instore. again, my life is awesome, but i'll be working a ton of shows at SUA. see here (yellow *****s mean i am working).
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