September 18th, 2006


100% chance of sickness vs. awesome houseguests!

if anyone is in the gift giving mood, i'd love to own these. i can already imagine how adorable they would look with a couple outfits. i am feeling lousy and sick. that makes 3/5 of my office feeling sick. d left early. i gave k my last cough drop. i was feeling so yucky yesterday that i slept most of the day away after going to the breakfast club with zachary, dan, and kris william. i only got out of bed after that to pick up charlie and jill and then we went out to dinner a thai village with the tennis, anyone girls. on the bright side... i have amazing houseguests: charlie and jill bliss. it has been awesome hanging out with charlie, who i've known online for ages and meeting jill too. i also got to hang out with one million amazing crafters the first day of renegade. i met heidi mypapercrane's whole family and i bought a baby donut to match my big donut i bought at last year's crafty bastards. i just sneezed and somehow it's all over my glasses. my head feels like there is a balloon that has blown up inside of it and is making my brain feel squished. srsly. charlie and jill are in milwaukee until later, so i'm going to rest so i'm not a sick mess. oh yeah, rani (other roommate) is sick too and might have pinkeye! egads! we're all using the upstairs bathroom and washing our hands like crazy!

also, i saw the mountain goats saturday night!
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    s.o.d. coughing (okay 4/5 of us are sick)