September 5th, 2006


5 months and a 3 day weekend

saturday night marked 5 months for zachary and me. we went to greek islands for dinner. other than that, this weekend i skipped out on a bunch of plans i'd made, but still kept a bunch. dan and i went to TREAT for the first time on saturday morning. sunday night we went to people for rani's birthday and then cobra lounge for the afterparty but i left early on since i was feeling so rotten. i was up on and off until sunday morning with some kind of food poisoning (i'm thinking medditeranean --> greek --> spanish --> cake + ice cream = my stomach going "WTF!"). monday morning we went out to brunch with kris and joe at bialy's where i had pasta which i figured would be calming and zachary made big dippers for dinner and so far i feel a-ok.

we i watched a lot of movies this weekend (green street hooligans = alright, just my luck = terrible, idiocracy = okay, the american friend = pretty good, somersault = boring). we also watched A LOT of season 1 of veronica mars because i've got zachary hooked on it! speaking of getting hooked on things, he got me hooked on harry potter. i am a good bit of the way through book 4 now. all i want to do is read the books but we've got so much stuff going on that i haven't been able to concentrate. in a week though, i read books 1-3, so i think i'm doing alright. my goal was to catch up to z who is a bit over halfway done with book5. wish me luck! i am working a show at south union arts tonight so hopefully i'll be able to knock off of a bunch of pages! i know it took me forever, but i'm totally into it!

re: rhymes with twee. this weekend i didn't do a whole lot of crafting, but i packaged up what i'd made and i've got sampler contributions for the next few months to boot! i've got a few more card designs floating around in my head, but i'm really trying not to spill the beans because i like the idea of launching my online shop with stuff that is brand new to everyone not living (or practically living) at my apartment. blee!
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