August 8th, 2006


short update + crafty ladies you should help out:

about me:

i'm doing a lot of stuff for and swifty is designing my webshop for rhymes with twee. it's actually sick how many awesome ideas i have for crafting right now, BUT i don't even have the time or energy to exert in actually fleshing them into reality. anyone want to make me a clone so that i can be two places at once? i want to talk about all these ideas, but i also really want to surprise the lot of you once the shop launches. in addition to being exhausted all the time, i have a stye in my right eye which sucks. i am going to tokyo lunchbox for lunch because i am hungry and the only thing i have to eat here is grape nuts and yogurt and i ate that yesterday. plus, i haven't been getting my weekly sushi fix. this weekend i spent mounds of money on food and $30 on a haircut. i really need to curb my spending habits, but good food is something i live for. also, getting tipsy on a saturday morning on $15 all you can eat brunch and all you can drink flavored long islands, mimosas, or bloody marys with friends = awesome.

about my buds:

melissa from dearest inez needs to fix her sewing machine. help her by buying an awesome shirt or one of her special whale pillows (i bought one and can't wait to get it).

charlie lost money at a craft fair this weekend, but it's your gain since it's resulted in a huge site update. she makes super awesome bags, pins, and wallets. if you're in the market for any of these things, check out a minor thread.
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