July 6th, 2006


croissant cards + 4 day weekend wrap

this past 4 day weekend i didn't do a whole lot. my plan to craft nonstop did not happen. we also planned to hit the aquarium and the zoo for a picnic, but that did not happen. i ended up seeing these movies: the street with no name, superman returns, down and out with the dolls, quintet, bells are ringing
prey for rock and roll, and eating a lot of good food. z and i went to pompeii for the first time on friday night. early on sunday morning i went to lula with stephanie and dan and ran into my boss from MP there. z took me to green zebra sunday night for our 3 month and then on monday night zachary, james, kris racer + a roommate of his, dan, rani, and i went to vintage wine bar for their $4 pizza night and i drank a really nice riesling. if you like rock and roll/punk rock girl movies, i suggest you see 'down and out with the dolls' and 'prey for rock and roll'. tuesday night we went to nathan's roof and watched the neighborhood fireworks and grilled. such a nice weekend.

last night i made 80+ of these croissant cards. the inside message reads: "sorry i've been so flaky."

you can see my test run of the card on the sampler sneak peeks page since i made 25 for the summer sampler, but have since improved on the design. i am really psyched about these. i would totally buy one to give to someone i've been flaky to. after you look at the word flaky enough it looks like it's spelled wrong.

does anyone have experience with zencart who would like to show me since i'd love to put a shopping cart up on my site soon! that stuff is confusing!

ps. diana reminded me that today is my two year anniversary here at ye olde law firm!
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