June 27th, 2006

awesome friends

to my artsy crafty friends

http://www.threadless.com/loves/threadless : this is the best prize threadless has ever offered. if your design wins, you will get the following:

# 17" Apple MacBook Pro
# Adobe CreativeSuite 2 Premium (for Mac)
# Wacom Graphire 6x8 Tablet
# Canon Pixma iP4200 Color Printer
# Apple 1GB iPod Nano
# Sony MDR-V7000DJ Headphones
# "Font Showcase" font package from T26
# Full collection of custom printed CDRs & DVDRs with Trigger Cases from 5inch
# $100 iTunes Gift Certificate
# 2 12-pack cases of Red Bull
# 12 Club Membership
# $300 Threadless Gift Certificate
# $500 in cash

you guys are awesome. i am trying to think of something really good because ohgosh, i have ideas that are just as good as ones that have been printed and i know that you guys do too, so now is the time to submit your awesome design to threadless. go go gadget submissions!
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