June 7th, 2006

against demons

r.i.p. kathryn vail shelton

most of you didn't know me way back in high school. one person who did was kathy shelton. she was there in the yearbook room many days that i was hiding from the typical high school drama one goes through involving boys and best friends. we were both yearbook nerds. since i was there, we swapped stories and learned a lot about oneanother with sublime (her) and poole (me) on the cd boombox. we had this saying that she wrote in my yearbook and as a myspace comment: "poole is cool." after high school we didn't really keep in touch, but through the magic that is friendster and myspace, a couple of years ago she added me as a friend. it was so great to see her happy since she had found and married chris. i hadn't seen her for maybe 5 years, but still, her being gone doesn't feel good.

i just went back and read a meme she had done a couple of days before she died:

" 66} Are you waiting on something right now?
yes, my vacation to start "

jarrod, a person i do not know, who was a close friend and roommate of kathryn and her husband chris, wrote this eloquent blog entry about her.
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